Damro Warranty

All DAMRO products sold are subject to following terms and conditions.


Sofa - 10 years for wooden structure.
1 years for fabric.
1 year for PVC upholstery
1 year for foam and cushioning
1 year for genuine leather
1 year for recliner mechanism.
1 year for stitching.
Depending on the usage, the shape and form of sofas may change and this does not qualify
as defect.

3 years for furniture made from melamine particle boards/ MDF boards.
Spring mattresses
15 years for spring structure, 5 years for cushion sheets.
Other Mattresses
2 years is applicable for foam & coir mattress.
Office Chairs
2 Year warranty is provided for chairs.
Plastic Furniture
1 year warranty is provided for all plastic furniture.
Solid Wood Furniture
1 year for wooden sofas, beds, dining tables, chairs, coffee tables, side units, TV units, nesting tables
made out of solid wood.
Steel/Glass Furniture
1 year warranty for steel furniture that are not electroplated. No warranty of electroplated items.
Glass items does not carry warranty.

*Any defects arising due to manufacturing, faulty workmanship and defects in the materials.
*Furniture used under normal house hold conditions.
*The manufacturing defects within the warranty period would be rectified free of charge.
Beyond the warranty period, the parts would be replaced or rectified on chargeable basis.

*Mattresses / mattress covers which are exposed to wet condition/ spillages / Urine.
*Particle board / MDF boards furniture which are exposed to water and dampness.
*Cuts or scratches, or damage caused by impacts or accidents.
*Products that have been used inappropriately, or cleaned using the wrong cleaning methods.
*Damage due to misuse and tampering.
*Breakage due to shifting of furniture in assembled condition.
*Damages caused due to negligence due to spilling of solvents, dyes, corrosive materials and bodily
fluids such as sweat, urine etc.
*Solid wood furniture, due to seasonal change, wooden members tend to behave and this is a
natural phenomenon, due to this phenomenon, the wood tends to expand and contract and thus
leading to joint splits and hairline cracks. This is not any defect and does not come under warranty.

Assembly will be done at free of cost at the first instance, any further services such as dismantling
and re assembling shall be done on chargeable basis. Please ensure the product you select fits into
the door ways, lift and so on. DAMRO shall not be responsible incase the product does not fit into
the doorways, lifts etc,. Also make sure to select the right color and style that suit your home.